icon-building  Real Estate/ Urbanism and Construction 

  • consulting services in all procedures related to real estate (purchase, sale, rent);
  • representation of clients in restitution and expropriation proceedings;
  • representation of clients in the course of building construction;
  • drafting legal due diligence;
  • representation of clients in procedures for obtaining the building construction, reconstruction and adaptation permits.

   icon-table Commercial Law

  • drafting the articles of incorporation and statutory articles;
  • company founding and assistance in procedures related to company founding;
  • drafting decisions and contracts;
  • provision of legal assistance in bankruptcy and reorganization procedures;
  • representation of legal entities before the Commercial Court and other administrative bodies.

  Labour Law

  • representation of clients in labour disputes;
  • drafting internal legal acts for employers.

 icon-certificate Intellectual Property Rights

  • registration, transfer and restoration of trademarks, copyright and the like, protected geographical indications, designs, patents and topography of integrated circuits.

 icon-umbrella  Indemnification

  • representation of clients exercising their right to compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage in proceedings before insurance companies and judicial proceedings.

   Non-contentious Proceedings

  • deprivation and restoration of legal capacity;
  • declaration of death for a missing person;
  • extension and termination of prolonged parental rights;
  • withdrawal and reinstatement of parental rights;
  • undertaking probate;
  • drafting a will;
  • division of joint possessions and property.

  Inheritance and Family Law

  • initiation of probate proceedings;
  • representation in probate hearings;
  • collecting evidence of property subject to inheritance.

   Civil Proceedings

  • representation of clients in all civil proceedings;
  • drafting petitions, complaints, complaint responses and representation at the main hearing sessions.

  Criminal Proceedings

  • representation of the accused;
  • representation of the injured party and injured party as the prosecutor;
  • representation of private prosecutors.

  Administrative Proceedings

  • representation of clients in all administrative proceedings before the first-instance jurisdiction bodies;
  • representation of clients in administrative disputes before the Administrative Court.

 icon-credit-card  Enforcement Proceedings

  • representation of enforcement creditors;
  • representation of enforcement debtors;
  • execution of debt collection procedures.